Les Filles Francaises The Jude

Probably one of our favourite projects was this French New Wave inspired music video for The Jude.  The video was heavily influenced by A Bout De Souffle, Jules et Jim, Les Mistons and Bande a Part, as well as more modern French films like Amélie. The key influence though, was Toby MacDonald’s excellent short film Je T’aime John Wayne, which showed how French New Wave styling could be combined with comedy and a lighter touch.


The video was shot and edited within a week, mainly thanks to a really great team.  DP Michelle Tofi shot in black and white on the Canon 5D, and was a massive help on set, working really fast, with an incredibly positive outlook.  Jon was also blessed to have two great actors, in Angela Christofilou and Cullum Austin, who bought their own ideas and really entered into the New Wave spirit.